The Marsh Household

Etobicoke, Ontario

Meet the Marsh household

This multi-generation household of five has a deep appreciation of nature and enjoys spending time outdoors, including camping, swimming, skiing, and hiking (especially the Grouse Grind in Vancouver when they visit family). The memories of their two dogs further strengthen their commitment to a more sustainable world.

The Marshes already have a rather low-carbon lifestyle, and big ideas on how to make their homes less carbon intensive. Yes, homes… For the Challenges, the Marshes will be focussed on plans to make their current home as close to net zero as possible, but they will also be sharing their experiences planning and building a brand new green multi-gen home that they will move into when completed.

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Helping to foster change

The Marsh family is deeply aware of the impacts of climate change on both the environment and economy. Through his company, Nigel has hosted many conferences to bring together participants from all levels of government and the public sector to discuss numerous aspects of the climate fight including net zero, LEED certification, passive homes, and other environmental initiatives. And Ameena incorporates the outdoors into her clients’ therapy routines and sees first-hand the important role nature plays in personal healing.

Steps already taken towards a lower-carbon lifestyle

  • Vegan household
  • Make an effort to shop for and cook with organic, sustainably-farmed produce
  • Replaced gas stove with an induction range
  • Most work from home so less commuting
  • Family shares an EV to get around
  • Installed a high-efficiency furnace and tankless water heater in current house
  • Use a Lomi to divert organic waste from the landfill and create compost for their indoor and outdoor gardens

Follow along with their journey

See how the Marsh Household progressed through the challenge.

Plans for lowering the carbon footprint of their current home

  • Maximize solar panel installation on the roof
  • Explore geothermal heating
  • Install triple-glazed windows

Why they wanted to be a part of the Live Net Zero Challenge

Taking part in the Live Net Zero Chalenge provides the Marsh family with the opportunity to learn about even more opportunities to lower household emissions with the goal of eventually living net zero. And it allows them to share the deep knowledge they have already accrued so that more people can reduce their environmental impact and help preserve the natural habitats that are important to the Marshes.

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