The DePape-Rodrigues Household

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meet the DePape-Rodrigues Household

The DePape-Rodrigues family enjoys being active outdoors and, daughter, Fia’s current favourite mode of transportation is crawling. They love to go for walks in a nearby park, running, swimming, skiing, and dancing. They also appreciate a good sense of humour and may have found blue milk in the fridge on April Fools Day.

Kari and Brigette are concerned about the effects of climate change on our planet, not only for the future of their new baby daughter but the future of everyone. They are concerned about the devastating impacts of climate change on both global and local communities. And they are concerned with how climate change disproportionately impacts low income people, Indigenous communities, global south and island communities who are least responsible. They are inspired by the leadership of Indigenous communities, youth and community organizations who are guiding the way towards a climate-safe future. 

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Helping to foster change

Brigette has been active in the climate movement for over ten years, beginning as a youth delegate to the United Nations Climate Change Conference. She volunteers with organizations to advocate for system and policy change, and is completing a Graduate Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change with Royal Roads. The DePape-Rodrigueses believe that, as advocates, it is also important to walk the talk and make changes of their own.

Lifestyle choices to reduce household emissions

  • Tracking annual family carbon emissions and making plans to reduce them, primarily around transportation and heating
  • Traded-in 2 gas-powered vehicles for an EV and installed a home charging station
  • Choose to bike, walk and bus where they can
  • Kari has been researching best practices in reducing emissions, including in the area of ESG investing

Follow their journey

See how the DePape-Rodrigues Household progressed through the challenge.

Future plans for their 1928-built home

  • Replace existing heating with a heat pump or electric boiler
  • Install solar panels or geothermal 
  • Increase general energy efficiency

Why they wanted to be a part of the Live Net Zero Challenge

Kari and Brigette wanted to take part in Live Net Zero to gain additional understanding of affordable yet effective ways to decrease their personal carbon emissions and inspire others to take action.

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