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National day for Truth and Reconciliation

Explore an interactive map of former Indian residential schools and institutions, as well as stories from survivors

Paths to Reconciliation

Hundreds of Indian residential schools were never recognized in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement because they were operated outside the timelines of the agreement or by provinces or other organizations. Here are some of those schools.

Live Net Zero

Five families compete for the planet

Follow along as each family competes in a series of carbon reduction challenges on their journey to become a net zero household.


The Greatest Lakes

Celebrating polar month


Riding the Transpolar Drift

How the Polarstern icebreaker accomplished the largest polar expedition in history — and what scientists learned 

  • 517 words
  • 3 minutes

All about polar bears


Polar exploration


A bridge of ice

Ken Hedges of the 1968-69 British Trans Arctic Expedition reflects on the perilous and ground-breaking journey

  • 3217 words
  • 13 minutes

Commemorate Canada

People & Culture

Profile in courage: The Canadian man who dove 12 metres into the sea to try and save a friend 

On Sept. 8, 1972, 15-year-old Edward Joseph Duff of St. John’s, N.L., dove into the sea near Torbay in a valiant attempt to save the life of a friend who had fallen in. He managed multiple times to pull her within reach of the rocks, but, unfortunately, was dragged back by the waves each time. 

  • 863 words
  • 4 minutes


People & Culture

Kimberly Murray – Honour and justice for the missing children

Episode 48

As Canada’s first Independent Special Interlocutor for Missing Children, Unmarked Graves and Burial Sites associated with former Residential Schools, Kimberly Murray discusses her new role and how she endeavours to support communities searching for their missing children and seeking justice for the children, families and communities

  • 47 minutes

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