Why cave exploration matters

2022 is the International Year of Caves and Karst. Here’s why you should care about the hidden worlds beneath our feet.

  • June 24, 2022
  • 10 minutes

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Bison uncover centuries-old petroglyphs at Saskatchewan’s Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Known as “grandfathers” by Wanuskewin Elders, these rock carvings provide a glimpse into the lives of the Indigenous Peoples that lived in the region hundreds of years ago

  • 749 words
  • 3 minutes
Family happily living net zero

Up for a challenge?

Live Net Zero

We’re looking for 5 Canadian families to participate in a new carbon reduction challenge for a chance to win an electric vehicle. Selected families will be given $10,000 to use in a series of challenges to help lower their carbon footprint and inspire other Canadians to get to net zero.


Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day


Wildlife deep dives

Hidden histories


Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Ada Blackjack and the Canadian invasion of Russia

A century ago, a strange drama played out on Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic. The hero of this tale? A 23-year-old Inuit woman named Ada Blackjack

  • 3270 words
  • 14 minutes


People & Culture

Training Lunar Explorers in Labrador

Episode 42

As NASA and the world’s space agencies prepare to return to the moon, geologist Dr. Gordon “Oz” Osinsky helps train potential lunar explorers in remote northern Labrador on what they could find there

  • 31 minutes

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