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Map shows the spread of blacklegged ticks across Canada

Blacklegged ticks are spreading across Canada — and they’re bringing Lyme disease with them

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  • 2 minutes

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People & Culture

Tintamarre: Inside the raucous Acadian parade in Clare, N.S.

The tintamarre showcases the vitality of the Acadian culture  — and some supersized papier-mâché heads

  • 1501 words
  • 7 minutes

People & Culture

Our Country: Sergio Navarretta on his favourite spot in Canada

The film director reflects on meteor showers and other magical moments on Lake Simcoe, Ont.

  • 314 words
  • 2 minutes


Our shared garden: The importance of native plants

As cities and towns continue to expand into our wild landscapes, conservation gardens can provide refuge for Canada’s plummeting biodiversity 

  • 3462 words
  • 14 minutes


Hide and seek: The race to save the Vancouver Island Marmot

In the field with researchers and volunteers scrambling to save Canada’s most endangered mammal 

  • 2418 words
  • 10 minutes


The call of the loon

These iconic birds have added magic to the soundscapes of Canada’s lakes for millions of years — but will we hear them forever? 

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Diving Newfoundland’s World War Two wrecks with Jill Heinerth

Episode 60

RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth discusses the discovery of a Second World War-era bomber 50 metres below the surface in Gander Lake, Newfoundland

  • 48 minutes
Live Net Zero 2023

2023 Live Net Zero applications are open

Are you our next Net-Zero hero?

Apply to the 2023 Live Net Zero Challenge! Inspire others while you decarbonize your life to help fight climate change… and an opportunity to win $50,000.

Discover more about King Charles III

Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III

The Coronation affords a unique opportunity to enhance Canadians’ knowledge and understanding of the Crown in Canada and our system of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. In recognition of this historic event, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society has produced a suite of multimedia resources offering Canadians a broader perspective on the Crown in Canada that focuses on King Charles’s connection to our country — past, present and future. 

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Pandemic perspectives

People & Culture

Pandemic Perspectives: Finding peace amongst the birch

Being unplugged and on the land gave my family the chance to reset 

  • 499 words
  • 2 minutes

People & Culture

Pandemic Perspectives: Embracing the slow life

How I rediscovered focus in isolation at my B.C. cabin in the woods

  • 771 words
  • 4 minutes

People & Culture

Placing the Pandemic in Perspective: Mothering in isolation

When my son was born, my world shrank to the size of an island

  • 766 words
  • 4 minutes

People & Culture

Placing the Pandemic in Perspective: Cooking up comfort on the streets of Montreal

The death of an unhoused Innu man inspired an innovative and compassionate street outreach during the nightly curfew in 2021

  • 1819 words
  • 8 minutes

People & Culture

Placing the Pandemic in Perspective: Coping with curfew in Montreal

For unhoused residents and those who help them, the pandemic was another wave in a rising tide of challenges 

  • 2727 words
  • 11 minutes

Celebrating King Charles III


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