The Reid Household

Dundas, Ontario

Meet the Reid Household

The Reid household is a blended family comprised of Jen, her partner Steve, Jen’s three sons and her oldest son’s girlfriend. They enjoy camping and in true Canadian Geographic spirit, Jen and Steve set the goal to take their kids to the furthest cardinal points of Canada. Completing West and South, Cape Spear, Newfoundland will cross East off the list next summer, with the final trip being “reasonably far North”.

Taking steps to living net zero is important to them because the climate concerns that were going to be big issues in a few generations are happening now. Jen and Steve are driven to teach their children about the gravity of the situation and hopefully instilling in them the desire to be leaders and example-setters.

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Helping to foster change

Jen and Steve are both very involved in their communities and social causes, with Jen initiating a Climate Justice and Sustainability Committee within her local teacher union and writing climate-change-related resolutions for the union’s provincial annual meeting. She has also started a climate neighbourhood group where information, ideas, and resources about the climate crisis can be shared.

Follow along

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Past steps they’ve made

  • Installed heat pump approximately 10 years ago
  • Started to do more gardening to reduce the amount of produce consumed from far-off locations
  • Selected a renewable energy provider for their electricity
  • Installed solar panels connected to the electricity grid

Future steps towards living net zero

  • Install additional solar panels for direct household electricity use
  • Seal gaps and cracks in their home envelope
  • Upgrade insulation throughout the home
  • Invest in energy efficient thermal windows on the sun-facing side of the house

Why be a part of the Live Net Zero Challenge?

The most exciting opportunity they see with this competition is continuing to learn more about – and how to implement – changes they can make to reduce their household (and individual) carbon footprint.  They are also incredibly excited about sharing this journey and the information they learn with others through social media and their own community networks to increase people’s awareness and to keep the climate emergency on people’s minds.

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