The MacInnis-Boudreau Household

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Meet the MacInnis-Boudreau Household

This about-to-be family of five lives in a 1930s heritage home in beautiful downtown Dartmouth – though you wouldn’t know it by the surrounding nature. When not on or beside the water of nearby Lake Banook, the MacInnis-Boudreaus can be found relaxing on their backyard deck enjoying the tranquility of their gardens and the adjacent lush forest.

Upon moving in, Ashley and Marc researched greener homes initiatives and spoke with organizations like Efficiency Nova Scotia to understand short, medium, and long-term steps they could take in their home.

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Follow them on their quest to live a net zero life. 

Why is reducing their carbon footprint important to them?

Ashley and Marc feel a responsibility to do what they can today to ensure a healthier planet and more eco-friendly habits for their children tomorrow and beyond. The current effects of climate change have hit close to home with Nova Scotia’s recent devastating forest fires and unprecedented and deadly flooding.

What steps have they taken so far?

  • Aim for active transportation whenever possible — walking, riding bikes, even jogging to appointments or run errands. 
  • Have installed high-efficiency heat pumps
  • Added 14” of insulation to their attic & below-grade insulation

Follow along

See how the MacInnis-Boudreau Household progressed through the challenge.

What do they plan next?

  • Update windows to high-efficiency windows
  • Investigate creative and affordable ways to decarbonize their household

Why they joined the Live Net Zero Challenge

They are excited to learn about creative and accessible/affordable ways to make a tangible difference in household emissions. The MacInnis-Boudreaus’ house is almost 100 years old so they are constantly seeking ways to make it more efficient while also looking at how they can, on individual levels, implement change in their own lives.

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