The Proulx-Coll Household

Montréal, Quebec

Meet the Proulx-Coll household

This very energetic and outdoorsy “wolf pack” enjoys many outdoor adventures, including camping, fishing, hiking, paddle-boarding, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, bouldering, and mountain biking. (Whew, just reading that list is exhausting.)

The Proulx-Colls strongly believe that we need to come together as Canadians and act now to protect our natural environment and the rest of the planet. Oli and Jess say this challenge will not only help them learn more and improve their carbon emissions, but also help them inspire others to do the same.

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Steps already taken towards a lower-carbon lifestyle

  • As early adopters, bought an EV in 2015, which with Québec having close to 98% renewable electricity means their commute is very low in emissions
  • Replaced their oil furnace with an electric furnace
  • Rarely use their dryer, using an outdoor clothesline in the summer and indoor racks in the winter.
  • Something that Oli is very proud of – that he had nothing to do with – is that their kids now have access to an electric school bus to get to school!

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Plans for improving the carbon footprint of their 1920s home that they love

  • Upgrade insulation
  • Install energy efficient appliances
  • Replace “paper-thin” windows

Why be a part of the Live Net Zero Challenge?

The Proulx-Colls are really excited to learn a lot more about the impacts of their lifestyle on their carbon emissions. They’re also very excited to learn what will have the most impact on lowering carbon emissions for their “very old” house. Finally, they are really excited to share this publicly, to inspire others to change parts of their lifestyle for a greener tomorrow. That’s a lot of excitement from a very energetic family!

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