The Foreman Household

Hanwell, New Brunswick

Meet the Foremans

This family of five loves to be active and out in nature. (And if they are outside they are consuming less household electricity.) Some their favourite activities include biking, running, cross country skiing, soccer. Father, Shane, has taken up gardening and extending the growing season with a greenhouse while their son, Alex, is designing solutions to improve the process.

The Foremans understand the importance of addressing carbon emissions at the individual level since, though just one drop in the bucket, many drops will fill it.

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Natalie and Shane prioritize educating their children about climate change and the many things their family can do to help make a difference so they can become agents of change for the future.

One of the reasons Natalie and Shane moved from Toronto to rural Hanwell in 2010 was to reduce each of their daily 2- to 4-hour commutes. Living in a rural community outside Fredericton offers fewer mobility options to get into the city but they are exploring ways to reduce their commuting — and related carbon emissions — even further.

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Some changes they’ve already made to help decarbonize their lives

  • Replaced upstairs baseboard heat with a heat pump
  • In winter keep the thermostat cool and layer up with sweaters
  • Grow their own produce in the summer and early fall
  • Focussed on cooking from scratch and eliminating food waste

Some plans for what’s next

  • Install a heat pump for the basement
  • Make additional energy-efficiency upgrades to their 1980s house including  replacing windows and doors, and upgrading insulation
  • Install solar panels
  • Reduce commuting-related emissions and consider an EV
  • Impart information and inspiration to a wider audience

Why be a part of the Live Net Zero Challenge?

They know they need to make changes but have struggled with the how, so are very excited to take this journey with Live Net Zero. As a self-stated “ordinary family” they look forward to sharing their experiences to help inspire other ordinary Canadian families – ideally resulting in many more drops in the bucket.

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