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Check out all six challenges to see what the 2023 Live Net Zero competitors are tackling as they lower their households’ carbon emissions. As challenges go live, be sure to follow along to see families work through each one to make the biggest impact on decreasing their carbon footprints, and pick up some useful tips for yourself.

Sep 4 - 17 Commuting
Sep 4 - Feb 28 Home Improvement
Sep 25 - Oct 8 Home Envelope
Oct 16 - 29 Heating and Cooling
Nov 6 - 19 Electricity
Nov 27 - Dec 10 Holidays


Plot a course to drive less and decarbonize your ride to take the pole position on emissions reductions.

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Home Improvement

Some thoughtful home introspection is required to make major progress towards becoming net zero.

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Home Envelope

To seal this deal you’ll need to ditch drafts and fill the gaps in your home’s cold weather defences.

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Heating and Cooling

Keep your cool while ensuring your home is warm and water’s hot with the fewest carbon emissions possible.

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Pull the plug on inefficiency to take charge of your power consumption, and find ways to green your grid.

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Carbon budgets can take off when celebrating holidays and taking winter vacations, so keep them in check and carry on.

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