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New map quiz challenges users to recite the countries of the world

New map-based quiz tests your ability to list countries by name

  • Jul 04, 2016
  • 155 words
  • 1 minutes
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What do you know about Papua New Guinea? Can you point to it on a map? Better yet, can you spell it? (that ‘u’ in Papua can be deceiving).

If you can’t spell it, don’t worry—unlike many quizzes that are text based, a new quiz tests your geography knowledge without requiring you to spell anything at all!

Geoquiz shows a succession of countries on a map that you have to identify, but typing isn’t necessary. Instead, you can simply speak your answer (note: Geoquiz only works when using the Chrome browser). So when Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, and Nicaragua come up there’s no need to panic—that is, as long as you can pronounce them correctly.

You have one minute to identify as many countries as possible which is much trickier than it originally seemed. Think you’re a geography whiz? Take a one minute break from whatever you’re doing and find out!


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