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Follow Canada’s greatest explorers and adventurers as they travel to the remote corners of the country, deep beneath the Earth’s surface and across oceans, to the tops of mountains and into space.

Photo: Geoff Coombs/Can Geo

Photo: Geoff Coombs/Can Geo
New program gives a huge boost to the next generation of explorers 

Book cover: courtesy Cory Trepanier/Figure 1 Publishing

Book cover: courtesy Cory Trepanier/Figure 1 Publishing
Canadian painter and filmmaker Cory Trépanier explores the sublime and rapidly changing Canadian Arctic
Sandy Ward stands on a mountain

Sandy Ward. (Photo: Courtesy Sandy Ward)

Photo: Courtesy Sandy Ward
The latest in our Colour the Trail series

Alison Criscitiello on the Jupiter Traverse in 2015 in B.C.’s Rogers Pass area. (Photo: Jody Reimer)

She's also combining her knowledge and skills to uncover the secrets of climate change 
The USS Johnston shipwreck

USS Johnston 6,456 metres deep in the Philippine Trench. (Photo: Courtesy Caladan Oceanic)

Photo: Courtesy Caladan Oceanic
Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow Kelvin Murray recounts his role in the record-setting early 2021 expedition
Four mountaineers stand on the summit of mount logan, canada

Rebecca Haspel, Toby Harper-Merrett, Alison Criscitiello and Zac Robinson on Mount Logan's summit, May 18, 2021. (Photo: Zac Robinson)

Photo: Zac Robinson
After being postponed a year due to COVID-19, the Mount Logan Ice Expedition made a successful summit of Canada’s highest peak.
The moon in shadow

Photo: Anna Asryan

Photo: Anna Asryan
The unmanned vehicle will collect imagery and data of the surface the moon

Canadians Pascale Marceau and Eva Capozzola reach the summit of Mount Lucania, Canada’s third tallest peak.

It was the third attempt at Canada’s third highest peak for the RCGS-funded team
Michal Prywata, the Torontonian co-founder of Phantom Space Corporation on democratising space

Photo: Brady Corps/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Brady Corps/Can Geo Photo Club
Author Angie Abdou’s novel explores parenting and marriage in a summer of unforeseen outcomes and growth
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