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Sealing the Deal: 2 Cheap and Fast Ways to Insulate a Door

By The Marsh Household

You may think of a door draft stopper as a simple, unassuming piece of home equipment, but don’t underestimate its capabilities. Not only do these nifty devices block the cold air from seeping through the gaps in your doors, but they offer a wide array of benefits that go beyond simple thermal insulation. In this article, we’re going to dig deep into the many advantages that door draft stoppers bring to the table.

Energy Efficiency

  • Cutting Down Energy Bills: A door draft stopper is your pocket-friendly solution to skyrocketing energy bills. When cold air sneaks into your house, it forces your heating system to work harder, thereby consuming more energy. By sealing the gaps, a draft stopper ensures that the warm air stays inside, leading to decreased energy consumption and cost savings. Doors are also used frequently so weather stripping often gets worn down, by adding a draft stopper you ensure that your thermal barrier is protected.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: As the heating system runs less frequently, the overall carbon footprint is reduced. Door draft stoppers thus contribute to environmental sustainability. In some cases a doors draft can be easily fixed with a stopper and some caulking around the thermal barrier, this allows us to fix and extent the door’s lifecycle, further reducing carbon consumption by avoiding the need for a brand new door.

Improved Health

  • Allergen Barrier: For those suffering from allergies, a draft stopper can prevent allergens like pollen and dust from entering your living space.
  • Humidity Control: By preventing the intrusion of outside air, draft stoppers help maintain a stable indoor humidity level, reducing respiratory issues.

Enhanced Comfort

  • Thermal Insulation: The primary role of a draft stopper is to provide thermal insulation. During winter months, it keeps the cold air out, making your home a cozy haven.
  • Noise Reduction: It may not be immediately obvious, but door draft stoppers also act as noise barriers. They can block external noises, providing a quieter, more peaceful home environment.

The humble door draft stopper is a superhero in disguise, providing benefits that go far beyond keeping you warm. From energy efficiency and comfort to health benefits and even aesthetic appeal, this often-overlooked home accessory is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their living space. So the next time you feel a chilly draft, remember, a door draft stopper is more than just a piece of fabric—it’s a gateway to a better quality of life!

Written by The Marsh Household

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