Soothing a winter of discontent: Fjallraven’s Kyl and Kyla parkas emerge as an early frontrunner for gear of the year

  • Mar 01, 2015
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Photos: Fjallraven Kyl Parka (Photos: Tyrone Burke)

It might not be over just yet, but the worst of 2015’s winter of discontent has now come and gone, and as the epic deep freeze fades away, it leaves behind a trail of battered weather records. Toronto shivered through the coldest month in its recorded weather history. Ottawa and Montreal both marked their coldest February. Charlottetown was buried in 90 cm of snow in a single storm. A state of emergency was declared in Saint John, New Brunswick as storm after storm frayed residents’ nerves.

And yes, west coast, your remarkable dedication to posting daily pictures of the early cherry blossoms on social media has brought it to our attention that BC has experienced weather records of a very different kind this winter, with White Rock checking in at a balmy 15 C on January 26.

That mix of frigid temperatures and nose-deep snow hasn’t always made the great outdoors into a winter wonderland this year, but it has made an ideal proving ground for cold weather gear. After putting plenty of gear through the ringer, nothing has performed better than Fjallraven’s Kyl parka. Without being overly bulky, the Swedish-designed goose down parka has proven warm enough even on days where I’ve done little more than stand around in the persistent northwest wind that’s making those -30 days seem like they’re 45 below.

Those are Arctic-type conditions, and the Kyl has uniformly performed to the highest level. This parka’s clever yet simple design features help make an already warm jacket even warmer. Dual pockets on the outer waist mean that frigid car keys can be kept in a separate pocket from bare hands. The fleece lined hood helps keep in the heat emitted from your head, and the fur trim easily zips off so the jacket can be machine washed. On the coldest days, elastic cuffs can loop around your thumb to keep the cold air outside your parka, where it belongs.

In what might be its best feature of all, the Kyl’s G-1000 outer material has a different look than other popular brands of winter parka, but cuts the wind and repels snow and sleet with the very best.

As the winter of 2016 bears down on us, we’ll be hoping that it’s a little bit warmer than the one that’s winding down, but you can be sure we’ll be reaching for our Fjallraven Kyl, just in case. Check it out at


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