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Seven must-see sites for cyclists on Quebec's Véloroute Marie-Hélène Prémont

Discover the New France of Samuel de Champlain on this scenic cycling route along the St. Lawrence River
  • Jan 03, 2018
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Basilique Sainte-Anne, Saint Anne Basilica in Quebec Expand Image

Explore the interesting — and tasty — cultural heritage of New France along the Véloroute Marie-Hélène Prémont, a nearly 50-kilometre-long, bike-friendly portion of The Great Trail that runs west from the Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City along Highway 360 on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area. The trail, lined with centuries-old homes and businesses, is one of the oldest transportation routes in Canada and has plenty to offer cyclists, from wineries and farms to restaurants serving up traditional dishes to stunning river views. Here are a few can’t-miss spots along the route. (Mouse over or tap the white dots to reveal more about each destination.)


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