Mother and daughter team plan to film their world exploration

  • May 08, 2014
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If a photojournalist travels the world searching for stories of hope and resilience, it’s pretty inspiring. When you find out she’s only 15, it’s pretty impressive.

Kasha Slavner, known as The Sunrise Storyteller, will set out on a six-month journey at the end of May, travelling through four continents to produce a documentary film about global citizenship.

Her mother and mentor Marla Slavner will be joining her every step of the way. It’s the first time they will travel through Africa, South East Asia and Central and South America.

“I really hope that what people will take away from the film is an inspiration to take action and explore the world for what it has to offer,” Kasha says.

Kasha pitched the idea, called The Global Sunrise Project, before a panel of film industry experts in what Raindance Toronto calls the “Dragon’s Den for filmmakers,” taking home second prize. The determined mother/daughter team then launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their project and make it a reality.

The initial spark for this idea came last year when mother and daughter attended the United Nations 57th Commission on the Status of Women. Kasha was selected as a youth delegate by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

“It was a really sweet journey to go with Kasha and experience it as mother and daughter,” Marla says. “We met other mothers and young women from around the world, and this is what connected us to a greater sense of purpose.”

For the first time in their relationship, they were able to merge their paths and interests in social change and decided to take action.

“Despite adversity and challenges that are being faced globally, we can come together and act as a community,” Kasha says. “We’re not so different, despite being from completely different areas.”

This could be the only time this 10th grader won’t get in trouble for skipping school.

“This type of education is nothing like she’s experienced before,” Marla says. “It shows that if kids are interested and passionate about what they’re learning, they’ll put everything into it.”

Kasha will also be writing a short book of reflections about this journey as well as updating her blog a couple times a week with stories and photographs at


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