Gear review: Skogsö jacket perfect for shoulder season travel

How to tackle marathon sightseeing while staying dry, packing light and keeping a positive attitude
  • May 27, 2015
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Most Canadians travel in depths of winter – to escape the local weather – or at the height of summer – to make the most of it. Supply and demand dictates that these are also the most expensive time of year to travel. Traveling during the spring and fall can save you hundreds of dollars, even thousands, depending on your destination and traveling style.

It can make a trip to Europe or Asia that much more affordable, but it often means accepting the fact that you’ll run into weather that’s less than optimal, and while you might stay inside during a rainy day at home, during a trip there’s no reason to let a little drizzle will get in the way of a trip to the Great Wall or Colosseum.

This brings you to a classic travel dilemma – how best to tackle the urban marathon walk of sightseeing while staying dry, packing light and keeping a positive attitude? And let’s be honest, on any visit to a new metropolis, you’d rather not stand out as a tourist rube.

This spring I’ve been defaulting to the Fjallraven Skogsö jacket. This jacket is amazing. It is light, well-designed and completely waterproof, yet still breathable. It also packs up small creating the right balance between light rain shell and sturdy jacket. The Skogsö reaches lower in the back, meaning that the water runs off your body rather than into your pants. Over the long haul, the jacket retains its impermeability through occasional treatments of Greenland wax.

It has a multitude of well placed pockets that allow for more easily organized travel, and facilitating safe practices like dividing up your cash and cards. Keep in mind that this is a jacket to keep you dry, not warm. So you do need to be sure to layer if a cold front blows in.

Having tested it during the slow-to-arrive Canadian spring of 2015, on rainy March days in Berlin in March, and over a surprisingly chilly Easter weekend in Istanbul, it’s quickly become a go-to piece of gear.

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