Gear review: Keen waterproof sandals

Slippery rocks and running water were no match for the Keen Women's Newport EVO H2 water shoes
  • Aug 02, 2017
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There’s still a few months of summer adventure left this year. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, boating excursion, a day of watersports or anything in between, your intrepid adventures are going to be greatly improved with the Keen Women’s Newport EVO H2 waterproof sandals. I recently tested these sandals at Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica where it is necessary for visitors to wear water shoes on the hike up the steep and slippery rocks of the waterfall.


These are unlike any other sandals I own. When I first put them on, I was surprised by how secure they fit my feet—they definitely weren’t going to come off or slide around. I was also impressed by how comfortable they were; with cushioning and great arch support, I felt like I could walk all day in them. Before the trek up the falls, I had several tourists stop to tell me that my shoes looked like “real shoes” for the hike ahead of us, as the rest of the crowd had standard rubber water shoes you could rent from local shops. So Keen gets bonus points for style.

Features and design

Walking up and across the waterfall made me nervous; as someone afraid of heights, I was terrified of slipping and falling. I put all of my trust in the sandals and they did not let me down. Wherever I took a step, the high-traction sole stayed put, allowing me to walk across slippery rocks and take large steps up the falls while a strong water current tried to push me down. I didn’t slip once, and for that I thank the shoes!

After the climb and walking back down to the beach, my shoes were filled with sand. I was able to loosen the elasticized laces and slip my feet out easily before rinsing them in the ocean. The water sandals are also machine washable at home.


Overall, these are great, rugged sandals for hiking in a variety of conditions and would be an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s summer footwear arsenal.


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