Gear Review: Coleman FyreSargeant 3-in-1 HyperFlame Stove

A versatile and easy-to-use camp stove
  • Aug 25, 2016
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Coleman portable stove Expand Image

This is the nicest camp stove that I’ve ever used. I’m not sure whether that speaks more to the stove or to the type of shabby camping equipment that I’m used to. But either way, Coleman’s FyreSargeant™ 3-in-1 HyperFlame™ Stove works like a dream and has been adopted by the Canadian Geographic staff for all future picnics and cookouts.

I tested it at a staff barbeque along the Rideau River this summer. At first, I was a little apprehensive about using a portable propane stove to cook hamburgers and hotdogs for 15 people. However, once I placed the optional grill grates over the burners (11,000 BTUs each), I had tons of cooking surface to easily accommodate up to 8 hamburgers at a time, as well as get those coveted grill marks. The electronic ignition was easy to use, as were the adjustable burner controls.

Each burner can accommodate one removable grill or Windblock pan support, making it super handy to cook different items at one time (like coffee on one of the pan supports and sausages beside on the a grill), and comes with it’s own removable DripTrap™ water pan.

In terms of portability, the stove and accessories (save for the propane tank, which must be stored and purchased separately) folds up into a shiny 7-kilogram package resembling a metal breifcase with a handle. Cleanup was also a breeze. I just removed the grills, pan supports and drip pans and threw them in a sink filled with warm soapy water, and wiped down the stove’s aluminized cooktop with paper towel.

In all, this is an excellent portable stove. While it’s too large (66-cm by 17.8-cm by 43.2-cm) and heavy for backcountry camping, it would work great for barbecues, cookouts and car camping.

Available at Canadian Tire.

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