Gear Review: Carhartt hoodie and vest

Can Geo editors try out Carhartt's latest cold-weather offerings
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Social media editor Alexandra Pope and online editor Sabrina Doyle put Carhartt’s Force Extremes hoodie and Denwood vest to the test in October’s chilly weather. 

Force Extremes Signature Graphic Hoodie?

The Carhartt brand has long been associated with hardcore durables suited more to the construction site than the well-groomed hiking trail or city sidewalk — think steel-toed boots, heavy flame- and tear-resistant outerwear, and lots and lots of plaid flannel. So imagine my surprise when the Carhartt Force Extremes Signature Graphic Hoodie landed on my desk: soft, purple, slightly fitted, emblazoned with a pink Carhartt logo and lined with cozy lavender jersey cotton. It looks, well, girly, but make no mistake: it’s as solidly built and work-ready as a pair of denim coveralls. The fabric contains patented 37.5™ Technology from Cocona, which is designed to quickly absorb moisture, fight odors and help regulate the body’s temperature, making it the perfect companion for outdoor pursuits when a jacket is too much or when extra layers are needed.

– Alexandra Pope

Denwood Vest

Billed as a durable, lightweight softshell vest that will protect against windy and rain, the Denwood vest is perfect for the outdoor-loving woman who needs hardy garb. And hardy it is. In case you don’t believe them, Carhartt branded various product features, such as water repellency, windproofing and fabric type, as “Rain Defender,” “WindFighter” and “Rugged Flex.” On a blustery -2 C morning, I wore the vest out for a run and was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it kept me. It was breathable, yet kept my core warm. I also appreciated the sturdy, close-fitting neck, which kept wind from sliding in down my front (although if you hate anything even remotely constricting around your neck, you may feel a tad claustrophobic). The pockets were also sturdy, and kept my phone from bouncing around. All in all, it’s a versatile piece for staying active through transition seasons.

– Sabrina Doyle


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