The Future of Michif

The Future of Michif program is a collaboration between Canadian Geographic, the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and its cross-Canada network of educators to bring the Métis language and culture into the national consciousness.

The Future of Michif program was an exciting opportunity to support the Métis of Saskatchewan in growing the number of Michif speakers and help Canadians learn more about the language. 

Journalistic storytelling

Feature story
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Canadian Geographic, in partnership with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, shared the story of fight to save Michif, the critically endangered language of the Métis, through a feature story that appeared in the September/October 2020 issue and online. The story was accompanied by both contemporary and archival photography, original cartography, and illustrations.

Reach: 4,000,000+ readers per issue (print & digital)


Poster map
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A pull-out poster map was published, in both English and French, alongside the feature story in the September/October 2020 issue of Canadian Geographic. Created by Canadian Geographic cartographer Chris Brackley, the map charts both the history of the Métis and of Michif, their language.

Reach: 4,000,000+ readers per issue (print & digital)

Educational resources

Lesson plans


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Canadian Geographic Education worked with Métis Elders and educators to create a collection of lesson plans and student activity cards that introduce and celebrate topics of importance to Métis in Saskatchewan, including jigging, beading, conversational Michif and more. 

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Explainer videos


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In parternship with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, Canadian Geographic Education produced a series of six 30-minute explainer videos to accompany the lesson plans. Above are two examples — the history and reasoning behind why the Métis were recognized as the “Flower Beadwork People” (left) and how to dance to most famous dance of the Métis, La Jig di la Rivyayr Roozh (The Red River Jig) (right). 

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Paykiiwikay Métis Culture Podcast

Canadian Geographic and Métis Nation-Saskatchewan were proud to present Paykiiwikay Métis Culture Podcast, a series exploring the rich Métis culture and Michif language. Hosted by interdisciplinary Métis artist, mentor and author Leah Dorion, Paykiiwikay — which is Michif for “come and visit” — takes listeners on a journey through Métis communities around the province of Saskatchewan. The first five episodes are hosted on the Canadian Geographic website, with the full 10-episode series available on Apple Podcasts.


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