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Showcasing our #ShareCanGeo community

Handpicked shots of Canada's beauty from our Can Geo photo community on Instagram
  • Jan 20, 2021
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Mountain goats walk on the side of a snowy highway Expand Image

In each issue of Canadian Geographic, we select a handful of photos from our photo community on Instagram to showcase the beauty of our country — as captured by you. Here are the photos that appeared in the magazine for our January/February 2021 issue.

A woman walks a snowy path next to a mountain Expand Image
Photo: Brittney Thiessen/@brittney_thiessen
Mountain goats walk on the side of a highway in winter Expand Image
Photo: Catherine Page/@catherineeva
A red fox sits in the snow Expand Image
Photo: Megan Lorenz/@mlorenzphotography
Two ducks sit on a log in a lake Expand Image
Photo: Shane Kaye/@shanekayephoto
Expand Image
Tiffany Spence/@beyondborealexpeditions

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