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Key population facts from the 2016 census

Explore this infographic to gain greater insight into where Canadians live

  • Feb 09, 2017
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Canadians are moving west. There are also 10 times as many of us today as at the time of Confederation. And most of us live within 100 kilometres of the southern border.

Statistics Canada has released the first glimpse of data from the 2016 census, gathered from 35,151,728 people who reported living in Canada. The statistics paint a national portrait of a population that is still growing, though at a slower rate.

“Over the coming year—as Canadians celebrate 150 years since Confederation—the agency will unveil the full range of census data that will together paint a factual picture of the lives of Canadians and their communities,” says Statistics Canada. 

The infographic below highlights some of the interesting trends from the population data. 

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(Infographic: Kathryn Barqueiro/Canadian Geographic)

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