Meet the mountain women behind Banff’s adventure culture

Episode 2

Here & There host and producer Liz Beatty tests her own mettle on backcountry peaks with CMH Heli Skiing and Summer Adventures. Along the way, she introduces us to some amazing women who’ve helped make mountaineering what it is today. 

  • Published Mar 29, 2024
  • Updated Apr 03
Navigating a via ferrata high in the Rocky Mountains with CMH Summer Adventures. (Photo: Sally Joyful)
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Waiting at CMH Summer Adventures’ helipad, Here & There host and producer Liz Beatty has second thoughts about being whisked off to a backcountry lodge for a few days of heli-hiking. We’re talking remote, fly-in, mountain backcountry west of Banff and Lake Louise, with towering peaks and glaciers everywhere. But what’s really got her fretting is these via ferratas involving zip lines, tight roping across cavernous river gorges, and scaling rock faces at 8,000 feet. She asks herself:  “Is this really something I should be doing at, let’s say, not 25 and with a fear of heights?” It all seemed like a better idea months before, from her living room in very flat southern Ontario. 

Come along as Liz pushes way beyond her comfort zone, and learns firsthand what makes these mountain women tick.

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