Home Improvement Challenge

Larger investments for larger emissions reductions

The actions in this challenge are more intensive “deep energy retrofit” solutions. They have the potential to make the largest reduction in household emissions, but require planning and may have to be phased in over time since they are also more cost-intensive solutions. For this reason, this challenge runs concurrently across all the other themed challenges.

The challenge

In the Home Improvement Challenge Live Net Zero families will explore and plan for more cost-intensive measures such as replacing heating and cooling systems, updating windows and doors, and upgrading insulation from attic to basement.

Throughout this challenge households will be consulting with experts from Lightspark to:

  • Conduct a digital audit of their homes.
  • Receive retrofit recommendations using the Lightspark Concierge platform.
  • Identify and assess potential actions against a timeline.
  • Receive assistance determining and applying for available grants and subsidies.

Learn more about household emissions related to your home and how to significantly reduce them.

Download the Live Net Zero Home Improvement Challenge overview for additional information on primary household emissions, and tips for identifying opportunities to dramatically decrease your household carbon footprint.

Follow along

See what the households were planning for deep energy retrofits to significantly reduce their carbon footprints.

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