Heating and Cooling Challenge

Climate controls for your home help fight climate change

Space heating and cooling represents almost 2/3 of your home energy use and home heating alone accounts for 16% of carbon emissions in Canada. So reducing the amount of energy the households use for heating and cooling saves them money while they help save the environment.

The challenge

In the Heating & Cooling Challenge, Live Net Zero participants will explore easy, low-cost measures to help reduce the household emissions related to heating and cooling their homes. Low-cost solutions include actions such as:

  • Installing a smart thermostat system that allows control of heating and cooling by room
  • Servicing and cleaning ducts/vents to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling appliances
  • Using drapes to reduce heat loss in colder months and keep heat out in summer months

During the course of this challenge, families will be using the Lightspark Concierge, designed to help them understand how their home is using energy and provide them with a system to make smart decisions to improve their home’s energy efficiency, which in turn, reduces their carbon emissions.

Learn more about household emissions related to heating and cooling and how to decrease them.

Download the Live Net Zero Heating & Cooling Challenge overview for additional information on how controlling your home’s climate affects its household carbon footprint, and tips for simple ways to stay comfortable while reducing related emissions.

Follow the challenge

See what the households did to reduce their heating and cooling consumption to decrease related carbon emissions.

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