Electricity Challenge

Switch on electricity efficiency

According to the Canada Energy Regulator, residential consumption of electricity is associated with approximately 4% of Canadian GHG emissions. In this challenge families will find ways to eliminate unnecessary electricity use and increase their household’s energy efficiency.

The Challenge

The Electricity Challenge will see competitors looking for ways to decrease their electricity consumption by changing behaviours and improving energy efficiency, and they will perform an audit of their electrical appliances and devices to see where the greatest energy – and emissions – savings will come from. This includes:

  • Eliminating phantom power by setting devices to sleep, turning them off, or using a smart power bar.
  • Seeing if their utility provider has a greener electricity plan than the one they are on now.
  • Looking for ENERGY STAR® products and Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) ratings to find and buy energy efficient appliances.

From replacing light bulbs with LEDs to switching from a gas stove to electric induction, there are a wide range of actions the households can do to reduce emissions from their electricity consumption.

Learn more about household emissions related to electricity use and how to decrease them.

Download the Live Net Zero Electricity Challenge overview for additional information on carbon emissions from electricity consumption, and tips for simple ways to reduce your own household energy use.

Follow along

See what the households did to reduce their electricity consumption to decrease related carbon emissions.

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