Commuting Challenge

Get from A to B while reducing your CO2

Approximately 16% of Canadian household carbon emissions are attributed to personal transportation – which is second only to home heating – so for this challenge our households explore ways to drive less and green their commutes.

The challenge

In the Commuting Challenge, families are tasked with finding ways to decrease their household emissions connected to commuting. This includes:

  • Examining their usual routes and routines.
  • Determining how their family could drive less.
  • Exploring mobility options with fewer, or even zero, emissions.

Learn more about emissions related to mobility and how to decrease them.

Download the Live Net Zero Commuting Challenge overview for additional information on carbon emissions connected to getting from point A to point B and back again, as well as tips for reducing your own mobility footprint.

Follow along

See what the households did to reduce their commuting-related carbon emissions.

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