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Video of the Week: Watch a 600-kilogram pumpkin destroy a car

First-ever "Operation Pumpkin Drop" held in Saskatoon was a messy success 
  • Oct 20, 2017
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Ever since Newton defined the law of gravity, humankind has been coming up with new and bizarre ways to test it, and while the group behind Saskatoon’s first-ever Operation Pumpkin Drop surely isn’t the first to think of dropping a weighty gourd from a great height, they did pull it off with an extremely satsifying twist. 

The event was held last weekend by the Saskatoon chapter of the Honourable Order of the Blue Goose International, an insurance industry fraternity, to raise funds for a local pediatric cancer program. While spectators watched from a safe distance, three large pumpkins were dropped from a 40-metre crane in the middle of a field. One of the pumpkins was filled with candy and triggered a stampede of children:

But the most highly-anticipated moment of the event was the dropping of a 600-kilogram pumpkin onto an unclaimed Nissan Maxima donated by Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Local CTV anchor Fiona Odlum captured the drop in breathtaking slow-motion:

All told, the event raised about $9,000 for the charity. 

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