Gear review: Unbound Merino tee

Versatile, high performance and sustainable sum up this Toronto product line

  • Dec 06, 2020
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The Unbound line uses sustainably sourced, mulesing-free Merino wool. (Photo: Tanya Kirnishni/Canadian Geographic)
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Assistant editor Abi Hayward realized the versatility of the Unbound Merino tee with a variety of activities this fall. Here’s what she has to share.

The product: 

“Understated, yet luxurious,” is how Unbound describes their 100% Merino tee, which stays fresh after weeks of continuous use without a wash. 

What did you do while wearing the tee? 

I first wore the t-shirt to the office under overalls — the office can be a little drafty and the t-shirt did the trick as a base layer. I later wore it to hike in Gatineau Park on a warm autumn morning (I was actually almost too warm in the sun!) and then to play disc golf on a chillier day (again, it did the trick as a decent base layer!)

The Unbound Merino line is naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking. (Photo: Tanya Kirnishni/Canadian Geographic)
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Initial impressions?

Feels lightweight and soft to the touch. A medium was a little big for me (maybe because it was a men’s medium and I usually wear a lady’s medium). The t-shirt was a little shapeless and not the most flattering (although I did kinda like those vibes over leggings). It’s not one that I’d wear to a fashion show but it’s a comfy t-shirt and one to keep you warm with layers on top.

Would you purchase this on your own?

If it were cheaper — great product, but a bit out of my price range. 

The Unbound Merino crew neck retails for $91


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