10 best wildlife photos from Can Geo's Instagram community

Grizzlies, puffins, whales and more from the new Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos special issue, on newsstands now
  • Apr 12, 2019
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A herd of bison graze on rolling plains in Grasslands National Park, Sask. A humpback whale breaches in the waters off the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, B.C. Two polar bears lunge at each other in a playful display in Wapusk National Park, Man. The 40,000-member strong Can Geo Instagram community is wild for Canada’s wildlife. Here are our favourites from the third edition of Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos, on newsstands now.

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@javiers_wonderplanet Javier Frutos | Grizzly bear, Broughton Archipelago, B.C.
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@mirelaofearth Mirela Hristova | Atlantic puffins, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, N.L.
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@focused_on_canada Tracy Munson | Plains bison, Grasslands National Park, Sask.
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@benaroundandback Benjamin Cox | Northern gannet and common murres, Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, N.L.
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@daisygilardini Daisy Gilardini | sparring polar bears, Wapusk National Park, Man.
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@shane_turgeon Shane Turgeon | Pelican, Astotin Lake, Elk Island National Park, Atla.
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@andreaudet André Audet | Red fox, Charlottetown
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@divebuddies4life Alisha Postma | Rock crab, Cranberry Cove, Indian Harbour, N.S.
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@nicole_handspiker Nicole Handspiker | Barred owl, Deep Brook, N.S.
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@jkr_photo Jeff Reynolds | Humpback whale, Great Bear Rainforest, B.C.

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