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The Reign of Wolf 21: The Sage of Yellowstone’s Legendary Druid Pack written by Rick McIntyre and published by Greystone Books in September, 2020.

Rick McIntyre explains the positive impact of wolf reintroduction on the Yellowstone ecosystem

This mountain lion photo is on the cover of our Wildlife Photography special edition. (Photo: Jeffrey Schrompf/Can Geo Photo Club)

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Amazon Rainforest Fire

Forest fires continue to rage in the Amazonian rainforest. (Photo: iStock)

Amazon Rainforest Fire
Bioethicist and conservationist Kerry Bowman on the 2020 Amazonian forest fires — as bad, or worse than 2019's — and why Canadians should be very concerned

Wildlife species, like the burrowing owl, are facing multiple threats. (Photo: Ray Hennessy/Unsplash)

Photo: Ray Hennessy/Unsplash
Report’s author says more needs to be done to stop a global extinction crisis

At one time, fewer than 25 whooping cranes remained in the wild. Now, thanks to efforts by the Calgary Zoo, there are now more than 800. (Photo: Valerie Horner/@valeriejoyhorner)

Photo: Valerie Horner
The Vancouver Island marmot, burrowing owl, greater sage-grouse and northern leopard frog are thriving again thanks to the zoo’s efforts 

Algonquin wolves can be legally killed in many parts of Ontario. (Photo: Helen E. Grose)

Photo: Helen E. Grose
Algonquin wolves face an uncertain future primarily because they can be legally shot and trapped in many parts of Ontario

The Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor. (Photo: Marcy Mahr/Kootenay Conservation)

Photo: Marcy Mahr/Kootenay Conservation
The steps being made are towards Canada’s goal of 25 per cent protection of land and ocean by 2025

A study conducted by Global FinPrint shows many spark species are in sharp decline, including the reef shark. (Photo: Global FinPrint)

Photo: Global FinPrint
Lead author Aaron MacNeil discusses what this means for coral ecosystems and what Canadians can do to help

Cancer was found in a fibula (lower leg bone) belonging to a Centrosaurus. (Photo: Fred Wierum)

Photo: Fred Wierum
Canadian researchers have found the first case of malignant bone cancer in a dinosaur

An Aedes vexans mosquito. (Photo: Sean McCann/Flickr)

Photo: Sean McCann/Flickr
Areas of B.C. are experiencing the emergence of several years of built up mosquito eggs
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