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Canadian National Vimy Memorial monument with sheep grazing

A placid view of the fields outlying Walter Allward’s magnificent Vimy Memorial, but this, too, is true: this land and much more here is fenced off from human tread, due to the lingering dangers of undetonated explosives. (Photo: Stephen Smith)

Photo: Stephen Smith
There are many ways to honour those who served and died in global conflicts, such as going to memorials — but perhaps it’s best to spend time there alone
Vimy centennial park aerial view vimy national historic site

Situated adjacent to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park is intended to be a space for reflection and discussion on the legacy of the decisive First World War battle. (Photo: Pascal Brunet/Vimy Foundation)

Photo: Pascal Brunet/Vimy Foundation
The Vimy Foundation Centennial Park provides a home for 100 repatriated ‘Vimy Oaks’ and is intended to be a space for reflection on the decisive battle

Activist and filmmaker Rob Stewart / Still from Sharkwater Extinction

Sharkwater Extinction, the final documentary from Canadian filmmaker and activist Rob Stewart, is now screening across Canada
Carole Saad, 50 Sussex

Ottawa event maven Carole Saad takes the podium at an event at 50 Sussex as part of her latest role. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)

Carole Saad, 50 Sussex
Established event designer to promote the headquarters of The Royal Canadian Geographical and Canadian Geographic
RCGS Resolute in Sydney, N.S.

The RCGS Resolute sails toward port in Sydney, N.S. (Photo: One Ocean Expeditions)

Photo: One Ocean Expeditions
One Ocean Expeditions celebrates the recommissioning of RCGS Resolute, the first vessel flagged for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in Cape Breton
RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica

An artist's rendition of the new RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica. (Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions)

Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions
Explore the features of the RCGS Resolute, the first vessel to be flagged for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and learn more about the history behind the ship's name
Wolf eel (anarrhichthys ocellatus) surrounded by brooding anemones, Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Hiding in its den amongst brooding anemones, a wolf eel (anarrhichthys ocellatus) peeks out at visitors in Race Rocks Ecological Reserve off Vancouver Island. (Photo: Eli Wolpin)

Photo: Eli Wolpin
A colourful look at the marine biodiversity of Canada’s west coast
Churchill Wild Great Ice Bear Adventure Dymond Lake Ecolodge

Two Churchill Wild guides speak calmly to a polar bear during a Great Ice Bear Adventure experience at Dymond Lake Ecolodge on the shores of Hudson Bay. All polar bear encounters are carefully managed to keep the guests safe and the bears wild. (Photo: Dax Justin/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Dax Justin/Canadian Geographic
Photographer Dax Justin shares what it’s like to walk on the tundra with the apex predator on an Arctic safari with Churchill Wild
Royal Alberta Museum, move,

Ken Romanyshyn moves a carefully packaged model ofa giant bison onto a truck at the Royal Alberta Museum's old building.

Amber Bracken
The Royal Alberta Museum officially opens its new dowtown Edmonton building today, capping a complex multi-year move that’s captured in this behind-the-scenes photo essay
Michael Palin Erebus

Author Michael Palin visited the Northwest Passage in the summer of 2017 while penning his latest book, Erebus, about the famed vessel that now rests there. (Photo: Michael Palin; cover image courtesy Random House Canada)

Photo: Michael Palin; cover image courtesy Random House Canada
An exclusive abridged excerpt from a new book by the famed explorer, actor and comedian
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