• One side of the new "classroom-proof" synthetic map (Map: Canadian Geographic Education)

All maps tell stories, but Canadian Geographic Education’s latest map is especially unique not because of what’s in it, but rather what it’s made of.

The new classroom map of Canada and North America is made of a waterproof and tear-resistant synthetic paper composed of a unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin.

Featuring a standard boundary map of Canada on one side and a beautifully detailed topographical map of North and Central America on the other, this is the perfect tool for busy classrooms.

“This is the most up-to-date map of Canada, and we want to share it with as many classrooms as possible,” says Sara Black, education program coordinator with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

The map has been printed and mailed to 15,500 teachers across Canada. Its creation was made possible with the support of Kathryn McCain.

To get your free copy and access other great geography resources for teachers, become a member of Can Geo Education.

The map of North America shown on the other side of this classroom-ready resource. (Map: Canadian Geographic Education)