RCGS Ambassador: Dave Williams

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Dr. Dave Williams is an astronaut, aquanaut, pilot, emergency physician, scientist, CEO and Fellow of the RCGS. He has flown to space twice, logging over thirteen million kilometres in space and over seventeen hours of spacewalks. He holds the Canadian spacewalking record and was the first Canadian to have lived and worked in space and on the world’s only undersea research habitat. He is the recipient of seven honorary degrees, the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario and is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. He has written eight books including his best-selling memoire Defying Limits, Lessons from the Edge of the Universe, and the ever-popular book Why Am I Taller, What Happens to an Astronaut’s Body in Space released last year. His most recent book Space on Earth, How Thinking Like an Astronaut Can Help Save the Planet was released in the spring 2023.

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