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James Cameron and Joe MacInnis on exploring the ocean and the magic of mentoring

Episode 63

The lifelong friends sat down for a fireside chat at the RCGS headquarters to discuss exploration, how the two undersea explorers met and more

  • Jul 25, 2023
In a wide-ranging hourlong conversation that was broadcast live on CTV News’ website, Cameron and MacInnis discussed the beginning of their friendship, the importance of encouraging youth to pursue their curiosity, and the future of ocean exploration. (Photo: Melody Maloney/Can Geo)
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“When you have that moment of empowerment — when someone believes in you — all of a sudden, a switch is thrown in your head, and you believe it’s possible.” 

James Cameron, ocean explorer and Oscar-winning director of Titanic, Avatar, Aliens and more, is our guest with Dr Joe MacInnis on this episode of Explore. The two friends took part in an intimate conversation honouring the important role that MacInnis, Cameron’s longtime mentor, played in his career and in ocean exploration. It’s a fascinating discussion about the future of our oceans, leadership and the importance of mentoring.

“Mentorship is magical,” says MacInnis, “because it moves information from one generation to the next. And it’s reciprocal because there is a lovely exchange between two paired minds trying to overcome obstacles.” 

Their conversation is tied to the exhibit, PRESSURE: James Cameron Into the Abyss, on at the RCGS headquarters, 50 Sussex Drive, in Ottawa until September 1st. It features the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible that Cameron used to dive to the deepest parts of our oceans and our planet.


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