The change makers
From the deepest part of the ocean to high above the planet, here are the Canadians who changed our world this year
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James Cameron
Chris Hadfield
Ray Zahab
Leona Aglukkaq
Rob Stewart
Idle No More
Alan Evans
Barbara Sherwood Lollar
John Smol

The ULTIMATE Canadian geography quiz
50 questions designed to truly test your geo IQ

Team Canada’s showdown in St. Petersburg
How Team Canada captured silver at the 2013 National Geographic World Championship
Online Exclusive:
A play-by-play of the dramatic 2013 National Geographic World Championship final

On the line
Once a traditional way of life across Canada, trapping survives and even thrives in communities throughout the North, including Colville Lake, N.W.T.
Online Exclusive:
Slideshow: Trapping photos from Colville Lake


On the map
Atlas of True Names
Online Exclusive:
Can Geo's top 10 True Names of Canada


Interview: Edward Burtynsky
The renowned landscape photographer on his latest project, Water

Moose sex project
A new maritime wilderness corridor gives moose a place to mate

Raven deaths remain a mystery
Dozens of paralyzed ravens and crows were recently found in British Columbia — all have since died

Playing for belugas
Artists aim to connect with beluga whales through music

The evolution of mountain goats
A Canadian researcher discovers how mountain goats survived glaciers

Butterfly wing used as anti-counterfeiting tool
A Vancouver-based company is studying the morpho butterfly to create an image impossible to counterfeit

Ross’s Goose could be deemed overabundant
Ross’s geese are causing ecological damage in the Arctic after a dramatic population increase

Common loon faces uncertain future
A new study suggests loon populations could soon decline

Crowdsourcing bird science
Canada’s birdwatchers are making big contributions to science research and conservation

Massive mapping mission
A look at the cartographic gem commissioned 250 years ago by Quebec’s military governor General James Murray
Online Exclusive: Slideshow: Detailed views of the giant map

The White Hurricane
A century later, tales of the legendary storm that hit the Great Lakes region live on
Online Exclusives:
Slideshow: The devastation after the storm
Story: Forecasting the White Hurricane

Searching for sternwheelers
Klondike-era sternwheelers once ferried prospectors to potential riches. Now the rush is on to locate the ships’ crumbling remains
Online Exclusives:
Video: The wreck of the A.J. Goddard
Video: An 1898 steamboat from above

The hexagonal wind tunnel
How the world’s first hexagonal wind tunnel recreates tornadoes
Online Exclusive:
Video: How a propulsion icing wind tunnel works

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News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Our Country: Jon Montgomery
Jon Montgomery, The Amazing Race Canada host and Olympic gold medallist in skeleton, reminisces about his grandparents’ cabin in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park
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An interactive map of favourite places in Canada