Travelling at speeds of more than 280 kilometres per hour and weighing up to 100,000 tonnes, these massive snow slides can be deadly. The inside story on the experts protecting us from danger.
Online Exclusives:
Videos: The experts in preventing avalanches
How avalanches are controlled
Writer Heather Lea’s insights on creating the story

Endangered zones
Charting the challenges encountered by some of our most-threatened species on their continental journeys. The second in a three-part series.
Online Exclusives:
Leatherback Sea Turtle: Endangered Species
Tracking sea turtles
Orca: Endangered Species
The sounds of orcas

Boreal truce
Poised to deliver big results, the nearly four-year-old Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement continues to rely on the co-operation of former foes
Online Exclusive: How the CBFA balances forest industry and environmentalists’ interests

RCGS annual celebration
Canadian graphic novelist features First Nations culture with his latest work

Award winners
Celebrating the achievements of the 2013 Royal Canadian Geographical Society award recipients
Online Exclusives:
2013 Massey Medal winner: David Ley
2013 3M Environmental Innovation Award winner: Jeff Golfman
2013 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal for Exploration winner: Jill Heinerth
2013 Innovation in Geography Teaching Award winner : Andrew Young
2013 Martin Bergmann Medal winner: David Hik
2013 Camsell Medal Winner: Sir Christopher Ondaatje
2013 Gold Medal winners: NRCAN, Mapping Information Branch
2013 Gold Medal winner: Robert Bateman
2013 Gold Medal winner: Michael Palin
2013 Geographic Literacy Award winner: Anne Smith Mansfield

28th Canadian Geographic Annual Photo Contest
Presenting the winners of the 28th Canadian Geographic Annual Photo Contest

David Schindler
One of the nation’s most famous scientists reflects on a life of scientific achievements and lessons learned

Judging a snowboarding event
How slopestyle will be judged at the Olympics
Online Exclusive: Video: Watch Mark McMorris land a triple cork

Gecko feet inspire new adhesives
Canadian professor uses gecko as inspiration for new adhesives

Moose changing ecosystem in Gros Morne
The effect moose have on the Gros Morne National Park ecosystem

Controversial bear hunt
Proposed spring bear hunt divides activists and hunters

Protecting bats
Fighting white nose syndrome in bats

Sea star die-offs
Are massive deaths part of a re-balancing act?

Cracking down on carp
The threat this fish poses to the Great Lakes

First map of Hudson Bay
Henry Hudson’s final voyage helped open North America’s interior, but it was a journey with disastrous consequences

Canada at War
A look back at the nation 100 years ago, in honour of the First World War’s centennial

Hogan’s Alley remembered
Hogan’s Alley, once the lively focal point for Vancouver’s black community, is long gone, but not forgotten

Your Society
News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Editor’s notebook
Hard results

On the map
Mapping Calgary’s wasted heat — and wasted dollars

Our Country: Clara Hughes
Mental-health advocate and former Olympian Clara Hughes on a landscape of inspiration
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada

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