Canada's National Bird
After nearly two years, close to 50,000 votes and thousands of comments, the Canadian Geographic National Bird Project concludes. Meet our newest national emblem, the gray jay.
Online Exclusive: Watch the full National Bird debate

In search of the Wolverine
What we’re learning about one of the toughest (and most elusive) animals on Earth
Online Exclusive: Learn how highways and other developments are threatening the genetic diversity of wolverines

The magnificent seven
Introducing the nation’s most iconic trees
Online Exclusive: More facts about these seven iconic trees

'... Eating microplastic threads. What does that do to you? Unknown.'
Meet the Canadian scientist at the forefront of world research on ocean microplastics and fi nd out what he’s doing to save the planet
Online Exclusive: How microplastic from fleece clothing could be contributing to marine pollution

Wild Things 2016
Canadian Geographic and the Canadian Museum of Nature present the winning images of the annual Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition
Online Exclusive: See the winners at the Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition website


Big picture
Celebrating Canada’s grandeur

Showcasing Can Geo’s photo club

In a snap
Sharing Can Geo via Instagram

Polar blog
Flora finders

On the map
Exploring cartography
Online Exclusive: See the animated version of the map and learn more about how it was created


Allan Hawco, star and co-producer of the new Discovery Canada TV series Frontier, on how the show about the fur trade transcends entertainment
Online Exclusive: Discover the real-life key players in the North American fur trade

Tracking polar-bear hides, Labrador’s disappearing caribou and more
Online Exclusives:
Microchipped polar bear hides used to combat wildlife trafficking
El Niño brings anchovy influx to British Columbia
Labrador caribou herd on the brink of extirpation
Report calls for international cooperation to protect migratory birds
Wildlife photographers banned from using radio receivers to find animals

A map of Saskatchewan like you’ve never seen before and the “pizzly”
Online Exclusives:
Explore this map and learn more about the Canada Land inventory
Read the entire Canadian Geographic pizzly story from 2006

The threat facing the amazing biodiversity among the old-growth trees in British Columbia’s Carmanah Valley
Online Exclusive: See an infographic of Vancouver Island's old-growth forest

An underwater drone designed to keep whales safe from ships
Online Exclusive: Learn about more groundbreaking whale research across Canada


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News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Online Exclusive: Learn five fascinating facts about the historic location of 50 Sussex

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January/February 2017, Canadian Geographic celebrates Canada’s 150th

Our Country: Gordon Lightfoot
Legendary singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot recalls his childhood exploits in Orillia, Ont., and the surrounding area
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada