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Yukon will stay on Daylight Saving Time: Here’s what you had to say about it

One of our most engaged posts on social last week was about the Yukon’s decision to scrap the time change

  • Mar 09, 2020
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When clocks moved forward Sunday in the Yukon, it was for the last time. The territorial government announced last week that the Yukon will make the change permanent after an overwhelming number of residents said they would rather remain on Daylight Saving Time. 

There were more than 4,800 responses to a month-long public survey asking for feedback ahead of the decision. More than 90 per cent of respondents said they wanted the clocks to stop switching and 70 per cent said they wanted to stay on Daylight Saving Time. 

British Columbia is currently mulling the same decision. 

We asked our followers on Can Geo social media what they thought of the Yukon’s decision.

Here’s what you had to say:

“I vote no more time changes. Pick one! I don’t even care which one.” – @georgekfaust, Instagram

“I wish we would stay at DST or at a minimum split it and leave it there. Thoughts from Ontario.” – @zsannaj, Instagram

“Wreaks havoc on shift workers, infants and children … wish we’d all adjust to ‘regular’ time and STAY THERE.” – Aimee Sauve, Facebook

“Changes twice a year mess with all sorts of natural rhythms.” – Karen Sharp, Facebook

“That extra hour of light at night would be awesome. I’m a morning person but would still prefer this!” – Cynthia Sanderson, Facebook

“As a morning person I would find this tough!” – Lori Simmonds, Facebook

“Now it won’t be light in December until 11 a.m.” – @northerngirl65, Twitter

“I love Daylight Saving Time. That said, I’m glad they made the winter season of it shorter.” – @janerette, Twitter


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