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Video of the Week: Musical moose plays wind chimes

Who doesn't love a little moose-ical interlude?

  • May 12, 2016
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Many love the dulcet tones of wind chimes — even moose. Yup, apparently even moose enjoy tickling the…err…. aluminum.

“As I lay in bed this evening, I could hear my wind chime blowing up, but when I looked out the window, not even a blade of grass budged,” Britta Schroeder wrote on her YouTube page, from her home in Healy, Alaska near Denali National Park.

Schroeder said she heard a thump and her dog’s ears perked up. When she peeked outside she saw a moose playing the chimes. The video, titled “Moosic: (n.) Moose music” was published on May 5, and has been gaining worldwide attention.


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