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The war on the floor

  • Jun 30, 2012
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Students and teachers interact with a giant floor map at Strathcona Public School in Kingston, Ont.

It may have ended nearly 200 years ago, but this Canada Day, you can march up to Parliament Hill and experience the War of 1812, feet first.

The nation’s birthday will mark the debut of Canadian Geographic’s War of 1812 giant floor map, designed to commemorate the historic conflict’s bicentennial. The map, which is approximately 10.7 metres by 7.9 metres (about the size of a school gymnasium), is designed to be walked over and includes features such as the era’s forts, historic towns, battle sites and First Nations villages, as well as trails that British, American and aboriginal troops used.

A first for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the map was developed to create an interactive learning environment and further encourage students to explore Canada through geography.

Starting in the fall, five of the War of 1812 maps will travel the country and be available for Canadian educators to book for their schools for a two-week period, free of charge.


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