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Enter now: Show us Your Riding Photo Competition

What does democracy look like in your community?
  • Jun 28, 2017
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Calling all shutterbugs!

CPAC and Canadian Geographic are looking for outstanding photos from each and every one of Canada’s 338 electoral districts, including the ones you visit and the one you call home. Every riding has unique features that influence – or are influenced by – our democratic institutions. Take your best shot in one of five categories, tell us what riding is featured and fill us in on the story behind the photo for a chance to win a free round trip to Ottawa (and more)! 

Not only will your photos help to connect Canadians across the country, but there are fabulous prizes up for grabs for five lucky winners! Enter now!

Democracy in your riding

Democracy is manifested in many ways, through civic institutions such as our Parliament and legislatures, to the active participation of citizens in the political process, to the protection of our rights as citizens. Photos could feature a family deciding where to take their holiday, residents making their voices heard or landmarks highlighting Canada’s political history. It could represent a law that was enacted or overturned on a specific legal right, our diversity (or lack of it), or an issue that should be addressed to strengthen our democracy. From politics in action to symbols of democracy where you live, showcase a powerful image of what democracy means to you.

Culture and recreation in your riding

What does life in your community look like? What does your community do for fun? How do people connect? Highlight for your fellow Canadians some of the cultural activities and recreational opportunities in any one of the 338 ridings.

History of your riding

Every one of Canada’s 338 ridings has a great story to tell. Some are dotted with historic landmarks, others with abandoned places. Ridings are often defined by – or named after – the people and events of yesteryear. Share the nostalgia and help us indulge in the flashback.

Landscapes in your riding

Geography has a significant impact on the makeup of a constituency. Some span thousands of kilometres while others just a few city blocks. Everything from the electoral boundaries to the nature of a riding’s culture and economy is influenced by geography. From wild natural vistas to bustling urban cityscapes, show us the landscapes and geographic features in your riding.

Flora and fauna in your riding

From trees and vegetation to animals to birds, zoom in on the flora and fauna in your area – especially the ones that are unique to your region.


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