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Canadians debate best place to skate

Twitter users engage in a friendly battle to determine Canada's best outdoor skating rink.

  • Dec 03, 2015
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Photo: Is the Rideau Canal Skateway the best outdoor skating rink in Canada? Only Twitter can decide. (Photo: Joey Waitschat/CanGeo Photo Club)

It all started with a tweet.

Calgary Herald reporter Colette Derworiz cheerfully announced that Lake Louise — “the best skating rink in Canada” — is almost frozen solid enough to host ice skaters.

Our senior editor Harry Wilson issued a gentle correction:

Thus were the #rinkwars ignited.

We put the question to our followers:

There was plenty of love for the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa:

The rest of Canada wasn’t about to let Ottawa skate away with the competition, though.

Despite many persuasive arguments to the contrary, though, Derworiz doubled down on her original assertion:

What do YOU think is Canada’s best outdoor skating rink? Tweet us your vote @CanGeo with the hashtag #RinkWars.


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