Adventure in the Yukon wilderness

Hikers and paddlers, nature lovers and adventure-seekers — the Yukon was made for you

  • Mar 26, 2021
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Paddling the Yukon River by canoe with an expert guide is the perfect way to experience Yukon’s grandeur.
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We’re wild about the Yukon! Unparalleled wilderness, breathtaking scenery and a rich northern heritage await. With so many adventures to be had, why pick just one?

Its peaks and canyons, endless waterways and skies make Yukon the ultimate wilderness destination. Here, the natural world provides the entertainment — an opportunity to experience the peace and power of true wilderness. However you define adventure, Yukon’s wilderness tour operators can make it happen.


Choose your speed! Whether you’re looking to canoe, kayak, or raft, Yukon has the river or lake that’s your perfect match. While adrenalin junkies will opt for the thrill of a cascading northern river, slower journeys allow the space to take in awe-inspiring mountain canyons, lush wetlands, and the colourful wildflowers carpeting the shoreline. Wildlife spotters will be in their element: Yukon is home to elk and mountain goat, moose, caribou, and muskox. Keep an eye out for inquisitive Arctic ground squirrels, fluffy Arctic foxes, and soaring bald eagles. Meanwhile fantastic flocks of migratory birds tempt birdwatchers looking to add to life lists.

Rafting trips along the majestic Alsek River take in the world’s largest non-polar ice fields and the dramatic Coast Range.
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Summer in the Yukon is no time to rest! The magical light of the midnight sun makes it possible to adventure into the wee hours — an opportunity to pack in everything on your bucket list. From multi-day horseback riding tours to ATV adventures, the nearly never-setting sun allows you to squeeze every precious minute out of your Yukon experience. Little wonder that this enchanting land and landscape has inspired countless artists.

The magical light of the midnight sun highlights the beauty of the Donjek Glacier.
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Camp in Tombstone Territorial Park, surrounded by the craggy beauty of the Tombstone Mountains.
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Customized van tours allow visitors to visit an array of destinations and experience more of Yukon’s varied scenery.
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Experience Yukon’s dramatic landscapes on foot or on a customized van tour. Yukon Wild’s tour operators bring to life the Dempster Highway’s rolling tundra, organize epic treks to explore the dramatic scenery of Kluane National Park, and provide an insider’s take on the otherworldly beauty of the Tombstone Mountains.

Yukon is a land of grand glaciers and craggy mountains, crystalline lakes and abundant wildlife — let Yukon Wild’s adventure experts guide you through their own backyard.

Getting there

Scroll, dream, plan! When it comes to Yukon, absence makes the heart grow wilder. Plan to be first in line when the time is right.

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