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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration, and one of the largest non-profit educational organizations in the nation.

Alex Trebek illustrated by Robert Carter

Illustration: Robert Carter/Canadian Geographic

Illustration: Robert Carter/Canadian Geographic
There will be an important role for geography in the challenging times ahead. The RCGS needs your help to continue its work promoting geographic literacy in Canada and around the world. 

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society has teamed up with Roots to produce limited edition, lightweight reusable face masks featuring the Compass Rose.

Support the Society's educational programming and keep your loved ones safe at the same time

Lord Ashcroft is a businessman, author, philanthropist and politician from the U.K., and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. His new book is Unfair Game: An Exposé of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Industry. (Photo courtesy Lord Ashcroft)

Photo courtesy Lord Ashcroft
Lord Ashcroft’s new book Unfair Game: An Exposé of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Industry describes shocking revelations from a year-long investigation into captive-bred lion farming in South Africa
Charles Camsell Tazin and Talston rivers expedition

Charles Camsell, second from right, leading a 1914 mapping expedition of the Tazin and Talston Rivers in the Northwest Territories.

In a 1938 radio recording, Charles Camsell, the founding president of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, details what it was like growing up at an HBC fur trading post

Three of the four members of the British Trans-Arctic Expedition (left to right): Roy 'Fritz' Koerner, glaciologist, Major Ken Hedges, Regimental Medical Officer, seconded from 22 Special Air Service, Allan Gill, navigator. Not pictured: Sir Wally Herbert, expedition leader. (Photo: Mick Rowsell)

Photo: Mick Rowsell
Dr. Ken Hedges, Honourary Colonel and RCGS Fellow, recounts his amazing experience traversing the top of the world on the expedition’s anniversary

Selma Barkham in 1982.

The historian and geographer filled in “a great gap” in Canadian history, from the time of Cartier to the arrival of Champlain

Julie Payette est la 29 e personne à occuper le poste de gouverneur général du Canada. Elle a été assermentée le 2 octobre 2017. (Peinture de Chris Cran)

(Painting: Chris Cran)
La tradition du patronage vice-royal avec la Société géographique royale du Canada remonte à 1929

Julie Payette is the 29th Governor General of Canada. She was sworn in on Oct. 2, 2017. (Painting: Chris Cran)

Painting: Chris Cran
The tradition of viceregal patronage with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society dates back to 1929

Commodore Josée Kurtz arrives on board Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Toronto in June 2019. (Photo: Ho. MCpl Manuela Berger/Canadian Armed Forces)

Photo: Ho. MCpl Manuela Berger/Canadian Armed Forces
The Royal Canadian Navy commodore came from humble beginnings in Joliette, Que. to command a standing NATO group
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