• Struggling with the time change today? You're not alone. (Photo: Julie Drummond/CanGeo Photo Club)

Daylight saving time: the mere mention of the phrase is enough to send a shiver of dread down the spine of parents and shift workers. It's the day in mid-March that heralds the arrival of spring — at a cost of one precious hour of sleep and an inevitable adjustment period that can make the days following seem twice as long.

In recent years, calls to abolish the practice of time-shifting in North America have grown in number and volume. Researchers have found the lost hour leads to decreased productivity and increased numbers of motor vehicle accidents, and can exacerbate health problems among our already sleep-deprived populace.

Lawmakers missed their chance to do away with daylight saving time this year, so if you're feeling extra cranky and having difficulty getting back on schedule, just scroll through these photos of snoozing wildlife captured by members of our Photo Club; you'll be catching some zees of your own before long.

Black bear cub napping in a tree. (Photo: Mary Hindle/CanGeo Photo Club)

Very comfortable and sleepy red fox. (Photo: Chris MacDonald/CanGeo Photo Club)

Moose in dreamland. (Photo: Steve E./CanGeo Photo Club)

Otters cuddled up for a snooze. (Photo: Mkkoon/CanGeo Photo Club)

Bald eagle totally sleeping on the job. (Photo: Travis Reid/CanGeo Photo Club)

Grizzly bear getting some shut-eye. (Photo: Chad Larsen/CanGeo Photo Club)

All these ducklings are asleep. Why aren't you? (Photo: Tina Hurd/CanGeo Photo Club)

This sleeping seal pup has the right idea. (Photo: Wesley Pitts/CanGeo Photo Club)

Don't you wish you were as warm and asleep as this polar bear? (Photo: Jenny Stevens/CanGeo Photo Club)

These wood bison look ever so comfortable. (Photo: Connie Kerik/CanGeo Photo Club)

How happy this snowy owl looks to be sleeping! (Photo: Jimmy Chan/CanGeo Photo Club)

CanGeo managing editor Nick Walker asleep at his desk. Wait ...

What do you know? It worked!