Culinary icon Michael Bonacini dishes on Canadian cuisine

Episode 3

Come along through the streets of Toronto as the star of MasterChef Canada and co-founder of Oliver & Bonacini walks us through our country’s vibrant food scene

  • Published Apr 19, 2024
  • Updated May 09
Chef Michael Bonacini. (Photo: Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality)
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Jamaica is known for its ackee and saltfish, Thailand for its pad thai, India for khichdi… But what the heck is Canadian cuisine? Listen in as we drop award-winning American journalist Scott Gurian into Toronto’s Kensington Market, one of Canada’s most lively and diverse urban neighbourhoods, to tackle this big question. 

A self-described foodie, Gurian takes up the challenge with an open mind and hearty appetite. Along the way, Canadian culinary icon Michael Bonacini and other rising kitchen stars, help Gurian explore the coming of age of Canada’s vibrant gastronomy scene.


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