Scotland Slowly

Photo: Dennis Minty
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Departing June 13, 2025

Journey to mystical coastal Scotland by ship, where the past comes alive through music, dancing, stories, ancient villages, rugged ruins, and soaring seabirds. Explore Scotland’s picturesque shorelines and rich maritime heritage, visiting historic Glasgow, the Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland Islands, and Aberdeen. Learn from Scottish experts and immerse yourself in the serene island life.

Delve into Scotland’s rich history as you explore the Neolithic wonders of the Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander the shores of Foula in the Shetlands, view the largest seabird colony in the United Kingdom at St. Kilda, and indulge in tranquil island culture and bird spotting on Fair Isle. Journey through Scotland’s sacred past at Iona Abbey and take a Zodiac cruise through Fingal’s Cave—famed for its towering basaltic columns and natural acoustics.

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Day 1: Glasgow/Greenock, Scotland
Day 2: Islay
Day 3: Iona and Staffa
Day 4: Skye
Day 5: St. Kilda
Day 6: Stornoway, Lewis
Day 7–8: Papa Stour and Foula
Day 9: Fair Isle
Day 10: Kirkwall, Orkney
Day 11: Aberdeen, Scotland