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Why Moncton, N.B., is Andrew Gunadie's (a.k.a. Gunnarolla's) favourite place in Canada

The Canadian YouTube sensation takes us into the heart of an unexpectedly charming maritime city
  • Feb 22, 2017
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Andrew Gunadie, known best as “Gunnarolla,” rose to YouTube stardom after posting “Canadian, Please” – a rap ode to his home and native land – in 2009. Since then, the host, videomaker and Contiki ambassador has travelled the world, and will be speaking about some of his favourite destinations at The Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto on Feb. 25 at 11:15 a.m.

Since Canadian Geographic is in the habit of asking well-known Canadians about their favourite places in Canada, we asked Gunadie to share his. 

Gunadie admits that many people thought Moncton, N.B. was an odd choice for a solo getaway. Initially, Gunadie didn’t disagree. But through the kindness of strangers, and an appreciation for the city’s quirky attributes — “They sure like the colour brown,” comments Gunadie — Moncton endeared itself to the inveterate traveller. It also helped that Moncton is a quick zip away from the Hopewell Rocks, a natural wonder of the world that offers visitors the chance to walk on the ocean floor while the Bay of Fundy’s famous tide is out. 

Watch Gunadie’s take on this charming maritime city: 

Other speakers at this weekend’s Outdoor Adventure Show include Fellows of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society Susan Eaton and Adam Shoalts. Check out the full schedule of exhibitors and events to help inspire your next adventure.

Famous Canadians and Canadian Geographic readers have shared their favourite places in our country on an interactive map. See it here.


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