Gear review: Heat Holders thermal socks

Two opinions on the ultimate thermal sock

  • Nov 06, 2020
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Heat Holders says their socks are seven times warmer than regular cotton socks. (Photo: Kathryn Barqueiro)
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Canadian Geographic designer Kathryn Barquiero and 50 Sussex caretaker Mike Marshall both took a few pairs of Heat Holder socks to test out during the chilly fall weather. Here’s what they thought.

The product:

Heat Holders Ultimate Thermal Sock in ultimate, lite and ultra lite

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Initial impressions

Kathryn: I was expecting these to feel like a wool sock or be itchy and make my feet sweat. As soon as I put them on I was shocked at how super soft and comfy they were! Amazingly, no matter the temperature they were never too hot or sweaty. 

Mike: Whether it be their Ultimate, Lite or Ultra Lite version of thermal socks, each was very aesthetically pleasing with subtle or bold colour choices. Their extreme softness has to be the first noticeable attribute after the initial cosmetic look-over: The Ultimate being the thickest and most fluffy soft piece of heaven to have ever graced these feet, with the Lite version running a close second.

What did you do while wearing the socks?

Kathryn: Whether I was hiking outdoors or lounging inside, the socks held up! 

Mike: My not-so-rigorous trial included several family outdoor walks, backyard chores, repeated workplace wear and of course the very familiar COVID-19 quarantining at home (aka lounging!).

Heat Holders® are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. (Photo: Heat Holders)
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Final thoughts

Kathryn: I’m so stoked that these come in three varying degrees of warmth — something for all my outdoor activity needs this winter.

Mike: The superior elasticity is worth mentioning even prior to their famed heat retention. I walk back and forth all day long at work and, when outdoors chopping wood or landscaping, the last thing I want to distract me from my task is to constantly be lifting or adjusting my darn socks! That never occurred with any of these socks.

Would you purchase this on your own?

Kathryn: Absolutely! 

Mike: I would, but I’d add a non-slip pattern to the soles if possible.

Purchase your own Heat Holders at or, depending on where you’re shipping to. For a look at the technology behind their socks, check out this video.


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