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Animals inside out at the Museum of Nature

  • May 14, 2015
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Looking for something to do this long weekend? Why not look inside an animal? From the curators of the worldwide success Body Worlds comes a new exhibit focused on the inner workings of animals. In its Canada debut, Animals Inside Out gives visitors to the Canadian Museum of Nature an intimate peek beneath the skin of more than 100 specimens of the world’s animals, from the homely housecat to the towering giraffe.

BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside Out includes full body plastinates as well as cross-sections, skeletons, blood vessel configurations, and organs. For anyone who felt a little queasy when surrounded by the original exhibit’s plastinated innards of their fellow homo sapiens, this exhibit might be a little more palatable (although there is one human skeleton included to show the similarities people share with animals.)

The specimens used in the exhibit were made through cooperation between various university veterinary programs, zoos and animal groups. No animal was harmed or killed for this exhibition. Below is a selection of tweets featuring facts and photos from the exhibit, which runs at the Museum of Nature until September 20, 2015.


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